environmental policy

Oakeco is committed to ensuring that it’s ongoing business practices are continually reviewed to ensure any impact on the environment is minimised and as such all business activities are always under review.

our impacts

Oakeco is aware of the environmental impacts associated with the consumption of natural resources associated in the development, production, marketing and distribution of our products as well as within our general office operations.  It is therefore our policy to closely monitor and review all matters relating to this and ensure that our own activities and those of our manufacturers and suppliers are aligned to our expectations and desire to ensure that any impact we or our business partners have is limited in all ways that are practical.

Oakeco is also aware of the potential impact caused by unnecessary carbon emissions created by carbon based energy sources and as such are continually looking at opportunities to reduce any potential impact generated in such a way.  We therefore encourage our suppliers and manufacturers to reduce their impact generated in this way.  We take a holistic view to ensure that any initiatives agreed have an overall positive impact.

Oakeco continually strives to reduce it’s Carbon Footprint, reducing waste, increasing recycling, as well as promoting sustainable policies relating to the natural materials associated with our products.

timber sourcing policy

As a supplier of products incorporating natural materials, Oakeco is fully committed to ensuring that the timber used in it’s products are sourced in a responsible and efficient way.  Oakeco is also committed to only working with manufacturers who can clearly demonstrate that all timber used comes from sources committed to responsible Forest Management practices as well as those that also promote forest sustainability and deliver a long term environmental, social and economic benefit.  The standards set out by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are the preferred choice but Oakeco also source products from manufacturers and suppliers who are aligned to other schemes such as PEFC as well as MTTC.  The management team at Oakeco, where possible, visit manufacturing sites to inspect the integrity of the operations.

plant a tree

As part of our environmental commitment Oakeco offers customers an opportunity to be part of the regeneration of the natural forests in the UK.  Customers can choose to donate £7.50 which will be matched by Oakeco.  Oakeco will then plant a tree on behalf of our customers that will help in the regeneration of the UK’s natural forests.  This initiative will be facilitated through The Woodland Trust.  More information can be found on our website.

Our aim is to deliver sustainable quality to our customers at all times.