our products

All our products are ethically sourced from leading suppliers and manufacturers who meet the high standards expected by Oakeco. We have carefully selected a range of products we know will exceed our customers’ expectations. These products are being offered at truly affordable prices when compared to other similar products available on the market. All of the timber raw materials used in our products are sourced from well managed and sustainable sources and where possible our products carry the FSC accreditation. All suppliers associated with Oakeco must demonstrate a commitment to the standards expected by us.

The Oakeco team have, in most cases, been involved in the design and development process of the products on offer. The folding & sliding patio door systems that can truly change a lifestyle at home by bringing ‘the outside in’ were inspired by doors seen at some very exclusive restaurants and hotels. Enquiries about the products made us realise that they were so expensive that they were out of reach for most customers. Working with designers at our key suppliers we supported the development of these products ensuring that at all times the engineers were conscious of keeping cost to a minimum whilst never compromising on quality.  The success of this process has led to our fantastic folding and sliding doors as well as the associated products. Our range of exterior doors come as complete sets. This provides our customers with a complete solution without the need to worry about hanging the doors as this has been done in controlled factory conditions. We even offer a choice of locking systems from a traditional ‘latch’ lock and deadbolt system supported by the more modern ‘multi-point’ locking system as well as a sash lock option.

Whether it is our folding & sliding patio doors, exterior front and back door sets, folding French doors, traditional French doors or arched French doors we are sure you will find something to suit your lifestyle needs.  Take a look at our new range of internal products . These products have been designed and developed following the success of our external collection.